Projects & Collaborations / Presented By Christopher Anthony
| specialize in digital experience & design. most of my projects are characterized by a simplicity belief, by keeping my work clean and neat, |T's GIVES a poetic and functional ambiance, in which a sense of openness is achieved. | mainly work in the fields of graphic design, branding, design & planning, digital experience & photography. View some of my selected projects below. 
Branding & Design Thinking

Sustainable campaign direction and design used in different seasons throughout the year. 
Product Design​​​​​​​

PUMA collaboration, we have made a couple of boots now. This is one of my favorite designs that I have made.
Art Direction & Design

Made in 2021. A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to work with Danskrekruttering Group in a design project. They were looking to re-design there are business cards and presentation files. I came up with various ideas and this is the final delivery.
Stadium LED Visuals

Through visuals, a playful and informative atmosphere is transmitted with a various acts of transitions. 
Boot promotion site

Through art direction and ideation, a crazy and jungle theme was made with a various elements to highlight one of the most anticipated boot that year.
Industrial Hanger
Design for Play (Personal Project)

One of the timeless pieces, artistic and can be released in this year or even 20 years from now. 
New Era Wall Clock
Design for Play (Personal Project)

This concept design was a completely functional concept. While designing this wall clock my main source of inspiration came from Salvador Dali's melting watch and Cartier's limited edition watch. This project had no specific purpose other than conceptualizing an idea to a working prototype. Also having fun with my own thoughts. 
Long Cuffed Knitwear
Design & Planning (Personal Project)

This garment was made around 2019. I wanted to make something different. Looking closer at the right cuff of the garment, it is longer than the left cuff, giving an appealing new look to a classic design. This garment was designed in Denmark and made in china carrying 450 gsm heavy cotton.